Joseph Coyle: Editor & Inventor Eggs-traordinaire


Did you know the Bulkley Valley is the home of the egg carton?

The Bulkley Valley Museum presents Joseph Coyle: Editor & Inventor Eggs-traordinaire, a virtual exhibit about one of our most famous residents - whose name you have probably never heard! 

Joseph Coyle lived in the Bulkley Valley from 1907 to 1918. Over one hundred years later, his two major creations are still with us. One of them - the egg carton - is used world-wide. The other - the Interior News, weekly newspaper of Smithers, B.C. - is little-known outside of this corner of Canada. 

How did a newspaper editor revolutionize the food industry? Where exactly is the birthplace of the egg carton, and why isn't there anything there today? What other famous inventions have Canadians created? Check the links to your right to find out!