The Bulkley Valley Through a Lens: A Century of Photography

Main Street.  The Bulkley River.  Lake Kathlyn.  Hudson Bay Mountain. 

If you've ever snapped a picture of one of these landmarks, you've added to over 100 years of photographic history in the Bulkley Valley. The technology that we use has changed dramatically throughout the last century - from glass plate negatives, to polaroids, to smart phones - but our desire to capture the moment remains the same.

The Bulkley Valley Museum holds a collection of several thousand photographs depicting Smithers, the surrounding Valley, and the people and wildlife who call it home. Today these photographs provide valuable historical information and serve as a reminder of "how things were."

The Bulkley Valley Through a Lens is a virtual experience based off the exhibit 100 Years of Photography in the Valley, which was displayed at the Museum in 2015. It features the works of several of the Valley's most prolific photographers since the early 20th century. Browse the links to your right to learn more about these individuals and to see the Bulkley Valley as they did - through the lens of a camera. What has changed - and what has stayed the same - since these photos were taken?