Walter Joseph

Through a Modern Lens

Walter Joseph's striking photography is influenced heavily by the landscapes, the skies, and the Indigenous cultures of the Bulkley Valley region. 

Walter Joseph

Walter K.B. Joseph (Jr.) is a Wet’suwet’en adopted into the Sun house of the Laxsamisyu clan. He is a member of the Hagwilget First Nation, and currently resides there. This area is known for its beauty, due to the coast mountains, rivers and lakes. Hagwilget is at the foot of the Rocher deBoule (Stekyoden in Gitksan) and is often a source of inspiration for landscapes. A love of astronomy is also a source of inspiration – especially when combined with local landscapes.

Although photography was self taught, Walter worked with First Nations artists such as Don Yeomans and Robert Davidson – who hosted an art course while in elementary school. The strong forms of northwest art undoubtedly influence Walter’s photography – perhaps even in his portraits. An ongoing project is to document the Wet’suwet’en culture and people – especially in relation to fisheries and the feast system. 

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