Smithers Flu Timeline

October 1st - 19th:

  • No cases reported yet, but are expected soon. Public anxiety about the flu spreading.

October 20th - 26th:

  • South Hazelton and New Hazelton report several cases of flu.
  • October 24th: Dr. Wrinch of Hazelton visits Smithers and implements quarantine. Dances, school classes, church services are cancelled, public gatherings discouraged.

October 27th - November 2nd:

  • Government Agent Hoskins takes over the Smithers Public School for emergency hospital. All beds full by October 30th.
  • Epidemic in Smithers reported as “light” by the Interior News, compared to elsewhere in the province.

November 3rd - 9th:

  • Deaths in the surrounding area, including in Telkwa and the Hazeltons reported.
  • November 4th: Smithers' first victim, Lieutenant L.P. Sutcliffe, dies.

November 10th - 16th:

  • Epidemic starting to end in the Valley. Interior News reports that Hazelton “bore the brunt” of the sickness with 150 treated by Dr. Wrinch, and five deaths.
  • November 12th: Rowan Malkow, Glentanna rancher, becomes second victim in Smithers.
  • November 14th: Dr. Wrinch visits Smithers and recommends temporary hospital be closed, no new cases are reported.
  • November 15th: Emergency hospital closes in Smithers. “Places of amusement” re-open, but school and church services remain cancelled.

November 24th - 30th: 

  • Ban on school and church services lifted.
  • End of the epidemic in Smithers.
Impact: The Flu in Smithers
Smithers Flu Timeline