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Image of three men wearing masks during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

Three Canadian men wearing masks.jpg
A photograph of three Canadian men wearing masks during the Spanish flu pandemic.

Luggage disinfecting room at Grosse-Ile.jpg
The luggage disinfecting heat room at Grosse-Ile, Quebec. Date unknown.

Quarantine building at Grosse-Ile.jpg
The quarantine building at Grosse-Ile, Quebec. Date unknown.

Fight the Flu.jpg
A poster produced by the Nanaimo Board of Health listing ways to prevent and treat the Spanish Flu.

Smithers Public School.jpg
A photograph of the Smithers Public School, which was also used as a temporary hospital during the Spanish Influenza of 1918.

Empress Billiard Parlour.jpg
Interior view of the Empress Billiard Parlour in Smithers.

Lt. Sutcliffe gravestone.jpg
An image of the gravestone of Spanish flu victim Lieutenant Leslie Sutcliffe in the Smithers Cemetery.

Casbit One-Eye William.jpg
Photograph of Casbit “One Eye” William, a Witsuwit’en medicine man and C’ilhts’ëkhyu wing chief from Yihk Ts’iwit’an (Thin House), in Hazelton, circa 1920.

Dr Wrinch and Hazelton Hospital staff.jpg
A photograph of Dr. H. C. Wrinch (man on the left) and the staff of the Hazelton Hospital circa 1911.
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