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Stekyoden is the Gitxsan name for Mount Rocher De Boule.

Photograph of a women's footrace at the Hazelton Hospital picnic.

View showing Hazelton, the Bulkley Canyon, the High Level Bridge, and Rocher de Boule Mountain.

Photograph of Main Street in Hazelton, with several teams of horses running along the road.

Photograph of the original Hagwilget Bridge near Hazelton.

Photograph of the High Level Bridge being constructed near Hazelton.

Photograph of a large group of people headed for a Sunday School picnic at Hazelton.

Photograph of a baseball game between Telkwa and Hazelton.

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A photograph of Dr. Horace Wrinch, a Hazelton doctor who also served Smithers in the earliest years of the community (including during the Spanish flu).
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