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Photograph of the Smithers Government Building, now known as the Central Park Building.

Photograph of people and an automobile in front of Roy Williams' summer house on Round Lake.

Interior photograph of J. Mason Adams' Drugstore in Smithers.

Photo of a school class at Smithers' Methodist Church.

Photograph of J. Mason Adams' Drugstore, located at the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue in Smithers.

Photograph of the Bulkley Hotel with several cars parked in front.

Adams' Drugstore interior 2.jpg
Interior shot of J. Mason Adams' Drugstore.

Adams' Drugstore interior.jpg
Interior shot of J. Mason Adams' Drugstore in Smithers.

Location of Smithers Hospital.jpg
An overhead view of the town of Smithers in June 1915. The Todd Building, which later became the community's first hospital, is pointed out with an arrow.
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