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Spanish flu camp Funston.jpg
A photo of an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Kansas, with nurses tending to soldiers infected with the Spanish flu.

An Interior News article from April 21st 1920 about the establishment of the Smithers Hospital.

Interior News article from September 1st 1920, describing the opening of the Bulkley Valley District Hospital.

An article from the Interior News, November 2nd 1918, regarding hospitalized Spanish flu patients thanking townspeople for their donations.

The_Interior_News_Sat__Nov_2__1918_ (1).jpg
Article from the Interior News, November 2nd 1918, on the establishment of a temporary hospital for Spanish Flu patients in the Smithers schoolhouse.

Art Dickson and Nurse Callendar
Photo of Art Dickinson and Nurse Callendar in front of the Bulkley Valley Hospital.

Nurse at Bulkley Valley Hospital.jpg
Photo of a nurse standing in front of the Bulkley Valley Hospital.

Hazelton Hospital.jpg
Photo of the Hazelton Hospital in the early 20th century.

Dr Wrinch and Hazelton Hospital staff.jpg
A photograph of Dr. H. C. Wrinch (man on the left) and the staff of the Hazelton Hospital circa 1911.

Smithers Public School.jpg
A photograph of the Smithers Public School, which was also used as a temporary hospital during the Spanish Influenza of 1918.
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