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Photograph of William Walker Wrathall and his son Jack fishing at Khatada Lake near Prince Rupert.

Forsyth, David The_Interior_News_Wed__Jun_2__1971_.jpg
Photo of photographer David Mackenzie Forsyth.

Schibli ad The_Interior_News_Thu__Jun_5__1952_.jpg
An advertisement for Louis Schibli's photography studio in the Interior News.

Mogensen ad The_Interior_News_Wed__Mar_23__1921_.jpg
Advertisement for the opening of J. Elhorn Mogensen's photography business in Smithers.

Forsyth G The_Interior_News_Wed__May_2__1984_.jpg
Advertisement for Gordon Forsyth's Northwest Photo Studio in Smithers.

Forsyth ad The_Interior_News_Wed__Jun_12__1968_.jpg
Advertisement for David Forsyth's Photo Studio in Smithers.

Ferrucci The_Interior_News_Wed__Jan_1__1964_.jpg
Two advertisements for Ferrucci Foto Studio in Smithers, one announcing a stock reducing sale.

Evitt ad The_Interior_News_Wed__Feb_6__1929_.jpg
Two advertisements for A.L. Evitt's Photo Studio in the Interior News.

Covert ad The_Interior_News_Sat__Jan_16__1915_.jpg
Advertisement for William Covert's photography services in Aldermere.
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