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Spanish flu camp Funston.jpg
A photo of an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, Kansas, with nurses tending to soldiers infected with the Spanish flu.

Prevent Disease.jpg
A 1918 poster by the Rensselaer County Tuberculosis Association in Troy, N.Y., encouraging people to help prevent the spread of influenza by stifling their coughing and sneezing.

Interior News article from October 26th 1918, describing the arrival of Spanish flu in Smithers.

Interior News article from October 19th 1918, advising readers on how to protect themselves from the Spanish influenza.

Newspaper article from the Interior News, November 16th 1918, reporting on the winding-down of the Spanish flu in Smithers and area.

The_Interior_News_Sat__Nov_16__1918_ (1).jpg
Interior News article, November 16th 1918, on the death of Spanish flu victim Roman Malkow.

Article in the Interior News, November 9th 1918, reporting the death of Lieutenant Leslie Sutcliffe from Spanish flu.

An article from the Interior News, November 2nd 1918, regarding hospitalized Spanish flu patients thanking townspeople for their donations.

The_Interior_News_Sat__Nov_2__1918_ (3).jpg
Newspaper advertisement for underwear and rubbers from R. L. Sargent, Ltd. Appeared in the Interior News on November 2nd 1918.

The_Interior_News_Sat__Nov_2__1918_ (2).jpg
An article from the Interior News, November 2nd 1918, detailing the early stages of the Spanish influenza in the Bulkley Valley.
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